What Types of Tea Are Caffeine Free?

Whether you’ve decided to cut back on caffeine on your own, or your doctor recommended you reduce your caffeine intake, one strategy is to eliminate black and green tea, which both contain caffeine. Even black teas that are labeled “decaffeinated” contain trace amounts of caffeine. Instead, drink a cup of herbal tea, rooibos tea or fruit tea.


Tea is respected around the world for its many positive effects on our health. But for some, teas containing caffeine are seen as something to avoid. Luckily, caffeine-free tea offers the many of the same benefits as regular tea – without the same potential side effects.


While a small amount of caffeine may be beneficial, some people choose to avoid it due to a health condition or sensitivity. Caffeine is stimulating, and excessive consumption can result high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, anxiety.


In general, studies overwhelmingly show that drinking tea has a positive effect on overall health. Decaffeinated blends are no exception, and can be enjoyed by virtually anyone.

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Herbal teas are not technically a form of “tea” since they aren’t made from the camellia sinensis plant used to make all tea varieties, and they are often called “tisanes” to avoid confusion. As a result, these blends of herbs, flowers and spices and contain no caffeine. They offer a unique blend of flavors and benefits. Depending on a tisane’s herbal and floral ingredients, it may have the ability to fight illness or prevent degenerative disease.


Antioxidants are present in most herbs, and many are capable of medicinal effects. Chamomile is known for its calming effect, while ginger is often used as a digestive aid and licorice root is helpful for a sore throat. Other herbal blends carry a range of health benefits of varying degrees, and each tisane brings its own distinct flavor, aroma, and character to every cup you enjoy.In the market you can find hundreds of different types of herbal teas, both in blends, and in pure form (chamomile, rose, rose hip, hibiscus, nettle, etc.) Each has its own beneficial properties for the body. But be careful, be sure to read the composition to avoid allergic reactions.

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Fruit teas are also great teas without caffeine (although again not technically a true “tea”). As the name suggests, fruit teas are beverages derived from fruits, are caffeine-free, and most of these teas do not contain added sugar. Berry combinations seem to be popular among many tea lovers.

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Discover vibrant South African flavor and style with our Organic Rooibos Tea.
Rooibos tea comes exclusively from the Cederberg Mountains in South Africa. The tea is made by infusing leaves from the red bush plant in hot water. The tea is a bestseller in African nations and increasingly popular in the west. It’s also naturally caffeine-free.

Rooibos tea delivers a tart and tangy flavor similar to cranberries. The tea brews into a vibrant maroon hue that looks stunning as a central statement piece of tea parties. It’s a great iced tea and can be made even tangier by adding a few slices of lemon or orange to the mix.

Finding the best caffeine-free tea boils down to picking flavors you love. If you like sweet and tart flavors, opt for herbal fruit teas. If you prefer a bolder taste or layered flavors, try a masala chai, spice, or root-based tea.

Whatever flavors you choose, we recommended skipping the tea bags and using loose leaf tea instead.

That’s because loose teas are better at infusing flavor than tea bags that are constricted in small spaces and contain tea dust.

Brew up an herbal infusion as a hot tea or iced tea. The caffeine-free options are nearly endless with hundreds of different tea flavors to try. Find your favorite caffeine-free tea today and toast to healthy living.

*Decaffeinated teas are also a great alternative for pregnant women, breastfeeding women, and for children.

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