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The 5 most popular flavored black teas. The best way to try and find your favorite tea
The delicious walnut finally finds its Christmassy"goal".A delightfull blend to warm up during the cold season.
High quality black tea flavoured with fine bergamot oil.
The excellent basis of the spicy Ceylon with its wiry and regular leaf and elegant Yunnan are in perfect harmony.
Black tea blend Orange/Cinnamon flavoured
 This aroma is composed of the most exotic fruits in the world and a hint of the sweet cream makes…
Colourful cranberry slices and peony petals complete this perfect harmony. 
Colourful canberry, raspberry, barberries,Seabuckthorn berries slices and rose petals complete this perfect harmony. 
A creamy sweetness envelops this taste variety and complements the berries wonderfully.

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