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This coffee is a fine, exotic specialty is a fine exotic specialty in our assortment that prepares you pleasantly for…
Due to the medium roasting, slightly floral, soft chocolate nuances are developed, which ensure a long-lasting aftertaste.
Brazil-“Fazenda Lagoa” has naturally mild and harmonic aroma.
The intensive sweetness of complex aromas from caramel to chocolate is rounded off by a sweet hint of fruits.
Our genuine “Colombia Supremo” inspires every coffee lover.
This coffee impressed with its expressive aroma as well as voluptuous taste and must not fear the comparison with its…
Kivu 3 offers a creamy body with a clear, fruity acidity, which is underlined by delicate notes of lemon and hints of chocolate and nuts in the…
Costa Rica Tarazzu is among the world's best coffees.
The Cuba “Turquino”  is incomparably well balanced and spicy, with a full aroma  and an incredibly long lasting aftertaste.
This perfected coffee excels due its round body with a nippy tanginess and a fine chocolaty aftertaste.
Guatemala Lampocoy has a full body with an elegant acidity, a light fruity flavor and a hint of chocolate and caramel.
Indonesia Sumatra has good body, fine and full flavor, slight fruit acid in the background, flowery, dark chocolate notes, spicy.
The West Blue Java has an unusual taste for a Java coffee due to the wet processing and its unusual cultivation…
Kenya “Kiundi” featuring a fine acidity, an unusual berry-like fruitiness and full body.
Nicaraguan coffee has spicy and almost creamy taste.
This well-balanced coffee is characterised by a chocolaty flavour and a delicate spiciness.
Its fine, flowery, not fruity, but slightly spicy and full-bodied cup makes each sip a real experience.
Our full-bodied Tanzania Kilimanjaro enthuses with its excellent, sweet and full flavour with a fruity acidity.
Ethiopian coffee has a spicy, strong flavor, rounded off by medium acidity and a rich chocolate body.
This aromatic , fragrant coffee offers, exotic notes of black cherries , cinnamon and chocolate that are in perfect harmony…
The chocolaty aftertaste is long lasting and will slowly melt on your tongue. Floral flavours and a delicate acidity ensure that each…

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