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The taste is very soft, discreet, and slightly grassy. The discreet note makes this tea perfectly suitable both for green…
The 5 most popular black teas. The best way to try and find your favorite tea
The 5 most popular green teas. The best way to try and find your favorite tea
Chun mee means "valuable brow",for the leaf reminds of the eyebrow form of classical Chinese beauties it have very typical…
"Genmai" means natural rice. This specialty is made from Bancha tea, to which approximately 50 per cent roasted or popped…
Here we have high quality green tea, which enthuses with its dark green, finely rolled leaf.
The aroma of this tea is softer then that of the standard quality and less bitter.
Gyokuro Asahi is a Japanese rarity of the top class, which is also called “Dew of a Pearl” or “Most…
The top quality is carefully dried by hand in pans after wilting and thus receives a flat, emerald-green leaf.
A Chinese Matcha, cultivated organically on the Taishan Tea Plantation.
The scent is sweetish, fruity and its taste aromatic and full-bodied.
This tea is carefully processed and slightly steamed before rolling and drying. The infusion has a shimmering, light olive-green color.
This green tea can be consumed at any time of the day and on every occasion.

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